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Hi FT Lady – I did and still do take a mild enzyme called Acid Ease by Enzymatic Process (bad name, is not an antacid). It is designed for “sensitive stomachs”. Besides amylase for starches (my big issue) and a little lipase and cellulase, it does have some marshmallow root, slippery elm to coat the digestive tract. I found enzymes with protease like Digest Gold caused stomach pain.

The baking soda idea is from the old “acid is the enemy” protocol from traditional medicine. Norm’s research is that fermentation forces normal stomach acid and fumes up. So reducing stomach acid with acid blockers, or alkaline substances like baking soda, may leave more food undigested to ferment. I have had success taking a mild HCL product called Zypan.

I checked into aloe juice, but decided against it due to too much conflicting information.

I’m with Bearsmom – the most important thing is to dial in your diet to figure out your food issues and give time to heal.