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Hi Fasttrack Lady

Some people do take an amylase enzyme when eating carbs. Or some combo enzymes to hlep with protein, etc… I personally don’t tolerate enzymes at all, as I have a bladder condition and it just filters out and hurts. As your sibo reduces you digestion will improve as a by-product of the reduction of bacteria in your small intestine. You can look at underlying motility too. I found Dr. Kharrazians ideas about vagus nerve health and the migrating motor complex very valuable for improving MMC which is key to our digestion (how we move our food).

I think Aloe vera gel would have a high FB (mucilagenous) I would not use it or the juice but others may have a different idea about this.

I don’t like to change the ph in my body with the baking soda. Sipping hot water helps me burp so I do that sometimes. The thing that helped the most was for me to dial in my diet, give it some time, and then my LPR mostly resolved. It still comes right back when I try to introduce even safe carbs, so I guess I am a bit stuck for now. Diet therapy is slow, but effective.