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I think the SIBO lactulose breath test has false negatives, but a lot of holistic clinitians do use it. SIBO can cause any number of symptoms from bloating, to heartburn and LPR as well. It is all from the same cause: gas-producing microbes, feeding on fermentable foods. I don’t know the answer about refux sufferers and whether they would always test postivie with a SIBO breath test, but likely many would. But when people remove fermentable carbs the symptoms abate. For me personally I don’t want to ingest the lactulose. I can already tell I have SIBO because when I add in starches my digestive symptoms increase. So I feel personally confident that I have SIBO. There is testing available. The question is, is the test result going to change your approach? For me, it would not so I am just going to keep going with the diet. It is important to look at underlying symptoms too such as motility issues. This has been a long standing issue for me (my migrating motor complex/vagal nerve tone probably not optimal).