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Hi Jules!

Glad you posted your story! Don’t let go of hope! From what I have read, Dr. Robillard encourages people to go off the PPIs completely if possible. Did you read Fast Track Digestion:Heartburn or IBS? In the IBS book there are some troubleshooting suggestions. For me personally, the candida diet guidelines (the portions and types of grains and fruits) that i was following, kept me symptomatic with SIBO for 2 years! I had to take out rice cakes and fruit for a while, because my SIBO was very overgrown and so those seemingly safe carbs were still being digested by microbes more than absorbed! So, for at least a week or two, if you are going to go off the meds, you might consider several things: Try only eating 1/2 cup fresh cooked jasmine rice, and maybe only a few days per week (not the rice cakes until later). Eliminate the fruit for a few weeks as you are transitioning and then add back small amounts. If still not getting results you may have to take out the rice for a little while, and also consider reducing protien and increaseing fat (I bought a kitchen scale and I stick with fattier cuts of beef and ground beef, fatty fish, raw milk cheese and eggs). Microbes dont eat fat, but some do eat protein. This would be more of a ketogenic or “low carb” diet, and would just be temporary. This really helped my digestive system, but I hope to add back safe carbs soon. It is a lot of trial and error and tracking your symptoms. Keep us posted!