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The Stevia you mentioned has inulin so I would avoid that. You might do a search on seaweed in the forum. There is seawead in the green drink and while it is presumeabley a healthfood food, it does have a mucilaginous quality which I am not sure if that is good when you have SIBO. I put the values in the FP calculator and it came out low. In case seaweed is an issue you can take it out for a while and see.

For breakfast can you eat low-lactose dairy? I eat full fat yogurt (you can add small amount of low FP fruit when your symptoms are gone) I sprinkle cinammon or add a drop of vanilla. Sometimes I have a hard boiled egg or a few slices of bacon with that, and sautee up some green veggies with butter, when I have time, otherwise I just have the yogurt? Or a veggie omlette, or a fritatta that you can bake ahead of time with veggies and cheese and eggs? If you are low symptom you can make a hot jasmine rice cereal and add butter or cream and cinammon? If you tolerate dextrose powder you could add some of that to the hot rice cereal or splenda.

The type of bacteria that drive SIBO symptoms are considered heterolactic fermenting bacteria in that methane or hydrogen is a by-product of their metabolism. Other bacteria don’t produce methane or hydrogen and are considered to be homolactic fermenters, where lactic acid is the sole end product of their metabolism. Lactic acid helps control the ph in the intestines which makes it less hospitable for the gas producers. You can investigate each strain in the VSL to determine this but I think VSL has only safe bacteria. It is just a very potent, high strain product. It may cause some digestive symptoms in some people, or even histamine reactions (you can look up histamine symptoms). If you are unsure of any of your supplements, I would take them out, see if you can get to a better symptom baseline and add them back one at a time.