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Hi Fasttrack lady
I have had that symptom intermittently too and yes, I think it is likely LPR. You might cut the carbs out for a few days and then when you add back only have carbs (fruit, muffin, jasmine rice) 1 time per day, and then maybe up to two times per day. It sounds like the watermellon was a snack? I don’t do as well when I snack, especially if i am having symptoms, so you might want to leave out the watermellon for now, or just have a bit as the carb at your meal time, not as an extra carb snack. Also, I would nix the muffin for a while and just stick with 1/2 cup fresh cooked jasmine rice one time per day or every other day, per the intro diet. Do you know what your daily FP is right now? It seems at first glance higher than the recommendations for the intro diet. Maybe go back to that level of FP and see how you do? Keep us posted. Oh, and yes you could go lower carb for a little bit, I did and it helped but started to create some other imbalances so now I am trying to get out of low carb mode and add some carbs back@