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I have had shortness of breath for almost ten weeks now. I have had my heart checked out thoroughly and chest x-ray and all was okay. Then I went to a pulmonologist and she suggested temporary asthma that comes after a cold or some type of reflux. After much research, I found that my symptoms (coughing, clearing throat, and shortness of breath) very likely might be LPR or Silent Reflux. I found the book Fast Tract Diet and have been following. My symptoms seemed to have improved. Up to then, I had been on a high-grain ayurvedic diet. I did well on the fast track diet for a while but still am having the shortness of breath symptom. One thing I found I might be reacting to is inulin in the stevia I have been using. I stopped it yesterday. Today I was perfect with the diet but had English muffin for breakfast with Farmer cheese, then lunch was turkey and some veggies, dinner, jasmine rice and some veggies, some cut up watermelon during the day. Tonight I had a very bad night. All my symptoms are gone except the shortness of breath. I think I will try to do no carbs at all and see how that works. Next will be a trip to an allergist, gastro, or ENT doctor. I just don’t know why I am still having that symptom. Thanks very much for any advice anyone can provide.