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thanks for helping with this. Ketosis is proving to be very hard on my bladder. Per Paul Jimenet, author and researcher, it forces the body to excrete oxilates and excess uric acid which I think both irritate my bladder. Also, it is messing with my thyroid I think and giving me heart palpitations and less tolerance to heat. (not good signs). Finally, per Paul Jimenet, what I thought was a minor candida overgrowth is likely feeding on the ketones from my ketosis. My doctor does not really like jasmine rice, but I may add it.

What rice crackers do you tolerate? I think you mentioned the Nutthins, but thinking I should skip anything wiht nuts for now.

So you orignially said you are eating 80 carbs a day. Is that 80g of carbs (this translates to a lot of calories)? I think we need around 40-50 g of carbs (close to 400 calories) to get out of ketosis, or about 20% of our calories from carbs per day? I am not sure about total FP, because there are some low FP, high carb foods like parsnips and jasmine rice.

Anyway, I was wondering about the rice crackers. Or rice cakes? Thanks!