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Your quite welcome TTompkins – hope the FT diet will help you with LPR and figuring out what foods work or don’t work for you (everone’s gut is unique). I was almost back to normal within a few months on FT diet after I nailed down my issue as the starchy carbs. Please note that by “cure” I mean a way to be LPR-free just using diet. People think of a cure then going back to the way they ate before. That may never happen, so my advice is once you find a food balance that works for you, embrace it and focus on the good foods you can have and forget the ones that don’t. I can’t do bread, but I can have chocolate, coffee, tomatoes, spices, etc. (all forbidden on the traditional no-acid diets) – a trade off I’ll gladly take to be LPR-free.

This forum is a great help to us all – keep us posted!