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I used it at first just to sip it to coat/neutralize throat acid, but did not drink it with meals as you need the stomach acid to digest the food so it does not ferment (which is what causes the acid fumes that irritate the LPR). I actually take a mild HCL supplement to make sure I have enough stomach acid. Alkaline water is treating a symptom, not the problem, so it might be helpful at first as mentioned above. Other things that helped while the the FT diet began to work were DGL, marshmallow root, slippery elm, and chewing a xylatol-only gum to keep saliva washing down. I only needed them for a short time, because the FT diet worked so quickly.

The best cure for LPR for me was just doing the two week FT diet – I saw improvement within just a few days and now am virtually LPR-free for almost a year (unless I eat starchy carbs, which the FT diet helped me figure out was my problem). I am still in awe how so many doctors I saw had it all wrong, treating with acid blockers and no-acid diet while my LPR just kept getting worse. I am thrilled with how the FT diet has worked – it saved my life, my voice, my job, my sanity. I recall desperately searching all of the forums, health boards, websites, etc. looking for anything that could bring relief from awful LPR = nothing worked until the FT diet. No more pain, choking, golf-ball-in-the throat, mucus, gagging, coughing, hoarseness, swelling, not being able to sleep or swallow, etc. – and no Rx meds either! 🙂