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Here is a very interesting article about link between Hashymoto’s and bacteria’s

There is a new research that Hashymoto’s can be provoked by the N-Glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc) . It is a sialic acid that is in the meat of mammals. Normaly it can’t reach our immune system, but in the presence of bacterias it can.

Because of that the author of the article suggest:
1) Improving gut barrier integrity and mucosal immunity,
2) Normalizing or diversifying the gut flora, and
3) Reducing dietary Neu5Gc by replacing beef, dairy, lamb, and pork with seafood and bird meats.

So we can improve gut barrier and mucosal immunity while normalizing gut flora via FAST TRACT APPROACH and at the same time we can limit red meats to add the benefits.

All these make sense to me…