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Hi Kathy

I’ve been weaning myself off Nexium 20m since last December and am down to under half a tablet now. I just wanted to let you know that I started a very low carb diet at the same time I started weaning off this medication because of the ill effects from doubling the dose in late November on the advice of my general practitioner. I also use apple cider vinegar before each meal to help combat any oesoghageal pain after eating. I can say that diet alone (and I’m talking vegetables, a little fruit, unprocessed meats, very little milk, natural yoghurt and coconut oil – no grains whatsoever) helped me a lot. I’m now including the FP of foods table and keeping to the low side only (no banana now, for example). So, in essence, I can tell you that a low carb diet definitely helped me from the beginning, even being on a PPI.

I’ve had LRP diagnosed but did not take investigations further than that as my feeling was that this has occurred as a result of being on Nexium for 7 years. Time will tell. In my lay opinion, I think even if you find you need to stay on a PPI you will be in a better place if you stick with the diet.