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I’ve had constipation issues for the last decade, more often than not going three days with nothing happening. Psyllium husks did not agree with me at all and this website has explained the reason for that – fibre is not the solution. I found olive oil and orange juice to be reasonably good but I was still not regular. However, from the very day I started juicing, around a month ago, I’ve been regular 98 per cent of the time. Before breakfast I would juice less than a half a cup and before lunch and dinner it would amount to about a generous one quarter of a cup. I use mixes of vegetables like carrot, beetroot, cabbage, cucumber, celery.

I might add that I’ve been on a very low carb diet since mid December 2014 while I wean myself off seven years of Nexium use so the positive response I’ve had could mean the groundwork was laid by the VLC diet and the introduction of juicing tipped the scales in the right direction. Otherwise I have no explanation for the dramatic change.