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Hi Jeffo – The amount of rice is cooked, and the amount is restricted at first so users can get to a baseline before trying to add foods back in. Although the FP is zero, for anyone having a lot of trouble with starchy carbs even the small amount may be too much. Also, it is much better to use a digital kitchen scale to get the amounts in grams/oz. (it is too easy to overestimate by cup, visual, etc.). After the two week baseline diet, then add back in one type of food at a time or increase amounts of one type of food at a time.

Make sure to get enough fat & protein to replace those carbs. A lot of us were ingrained that “healthy” eating was lots of grains and low fat. Many new studies are showing just the opposite. Add in olive oil, grass-fed cream & butter, etc.

Which brings us to the avocado – which is in some of the FT recipes. I was fine with 1/4-1/2 an avocado with a salad each day the first two weeks. I can eat a whole now with no problems. Make sure to add in the FP points. Once you start adding back foods, you may find avocados don’t bother you. I was able to determine that my issue is starchy carbs, so I am now grain & bean free (and totally fine with that, as I now am LPR-free and feeling very healthy, confirmed by blood tests). Lactose, fructose, fiber from fruit/veggies/nuts/chocolate are all fine for me, but not for others. Each of us is unique, and the FT diet can help you figure out what works for you.

Give the FT diet the full two weeks (or more). Set aside all of the mainstream diet “shoulds & shouldn’ts”, and hopefully you will see improvement and be on your way to fine-tuning your own body’s best.