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Hi FT Lady – I think you can go to the top of the thread/topic and hit the “Subscribe” link, then you should get a notification that a new post has been made to that particular thread.

Glad to hear you are already seeing changes on the FT diet – try to stick as close to the daily recipes as possible for the first two weeks, but eliminating a food or substituting an approved FP food or even swapping one day’s recipe for another should be okay as long as you keep the total FP points in check each day. I skipped most of the desserts, unless it was simple fruit & cream. I also did not use any artificial sweeteners (tried pure stevia, but that gave me headaches).

If you are keeping low on the carb count it helps to have the extra fats & proteins. Breakfast can be difficult (I used to eat sprouted steel cut oats or other whole grain)- I usually have egg scrambles with veggies & cheese, or a smoothie (plain Greek yogurt, unsweet coconut/almond milk, low FP fruit like berries or mango, handful of mixed greens, 1/8 cup or so of macadamia nuts, tumeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, a bit of almond or vanilla extract, and sometimes a spoonful of olive oil). I could drink these every day.

The best part of this journey of discovery is that I started because of the LPR, but after a few months I noticed a lot of other issues went away, including: rosacea & acne, skin itching, keratosis pilaris, thyroid inflammation, IC symptoms, IBS symptoms, afternoon energy slumps, burping & flatulence, and more. I thought I was eating really healthy before (whole foods, whole grains, etc.), but apparently my digestive tract was not liking that old way. It was hard to change that mind set at first, but the proof is in the results. This has led me to a lot of interesting similar research out there – truly fascinating how much the gut rules our bodies right down to enzyme supplies, immunity, etc.

Hope you continue to find improvement – keep us posted. 🙂