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Hi Jaeme,

Thanks for your response. I never was notified I had a response, was just browsing now and found it. Do you know how I program it so I get notified?

I appreciate your sharing your experience. I started the diet about three days ago and my shortness of breath and coughing have stopped a lot. I do feel a little weak and will have to adapt to the low-carb diet. I understand that under 30 carbs your body goes into ketosis or something like that and gets energy from fats now and it takes a while to adjust.

I am just experimenting with different foods. A lot aren’t listed in the book so am trying to figure it all out. I have a hard time figuring out breakfast. It was always quinoa or quinoa flakes with soaked raisins and dried fruit. I tried eggs and did okay, but not sure I can have every day. I always thought I was allergic to dairy because I was always clearing my throat. Now I think maybe I could try yogurt and have more eggs and that the clearing was from the LPR.

It is a whole new diet for me and hope it will be good in all ways and not only for the LPR. I am so ingrained into the ayurvedic way of eating.

All that said, it IS fun having this new learning experience. It was a real mystery until I figured out I had LPR and that was causing my shortness of breath for weeks.

Again, thanks very much for any sharing. It is much appreciated.