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Hi FT Lady – I am virtually LPR free thanks to the FT diet. Prior, I had been prescribed the standard acid blocker RX and the Dropping Acid diet, which just made things worse. First thing, forget everything you have been told or read about acid foods – Norm is correct, it is the fermenting carbs that are pushing the acid or the fumes up to cause the inflammation, sinus clogging, postnasal drip, sore swollen throat, lump in throat, gagging, etc. The FT diet allows lemon, tomato, coffee, chocolate and all of those no-no’s from standard medicine.

Also, forget everything you have been told or read about whole grains, etc. I am convinced they are what exascerbated my LPR, as I had been eating a whole foods – high grain diet, making my own whole grain bread every day, eating sprouted steel-cut oats every day, etc. I had a hard time eating the white jasmine rice, only because I had been ingrained not to. But then I realized 2/3 of the World’s population eats white rice several times a day. (although now I rarely eat any grains)

The biggest thing is to do the two week elimination diet, and then try adding back in foods one at a time to see what bothers you. I was fine with dairy, fine with fruit, but starchy carbs kill me. As long as I stay away from those, I am free of LPR, sinuses clear, etc. The goal is to find out what is best for you, and that differs from person to person just like our gut bacteria is unique to us.

Second thing, is once you find out what works and doesn’t work for you, then embrace it! People (including me at the beginning) want to think of “curing” the LPR or issue, and then going back to however they were eating before. That is frustrating and counterproductive. I wasted a lot of money trying to find the holy grail of grain products to replace my bread, etc. I am doing much better, and much happier, just embracing a new way of eating that works for my body. For me, that is veggies, eggs, meat, dairy, fruit, nuts and chocolate. I eat out at restaurants just fine, and I don’t feel deprived because I now feel & look better thatn I did almost 20 years ago – and that is a powerful motivator.

This forum is a great source of support and answers to questions – best wishes on this journey of discovery and road back to health!