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I just found out I have LPR. I have always followed an ‘ayurvedic’ diet. Eating lots of grains (quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat), also basmati rice. I recently heard that black rice is very good and higher nutrition than white and also that the white has been known to have arsenic. I am very confused trying to figure out the FP and so just relying on the ‘lists of foods’ to figure out what I can now eat to try out this diet.

When it says that jasmine rice is okay, I know there are different types of jasmine rice. There is brown jasmine and white jasmine. Looking online I found a company that makes organic jasmine with a different name (have to look it up) so wonder if it is ANY jasmine rice that is okay.

It will be easy for me to eats lots of veggies as I always have. Just figuring out if and how to replace rice and quinoa (which I have been eating a lot of as gluten free) with foods that are okay.

I also am confused about lemon water. I drink that all the time but then heard it is not good for LPR due to being citrus, even though I always heard it turns alkaline in the body. But I see here that it is considered okay. So somewhat confused about that.

Also someone says apple cider vinegar is good for LPR, but on some sites, they say vinegar is a no-no due to acid.

Happy to have found this list and still trying to figure out how to navigate it. Just winging it now 🙂

Thanks for any reply. Can someone send me a link on how to navigate the site. I probably should have started a new topic here, but I saw LPR so put my message here. Thanks.