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Hi Bearsmom – I had been at about 20 carbs a day (I didn’t intend to do that and didn’t really know it until I was losing so much weight and not able to sleep – I just wasn’t eating any of the rice or bread, etc. – only few carbs from veggies and bits of fruit). I had completely used up all my glycogen reserves in my liver and had completely switched over to burning fats for about 2-3 months. When I finally figured this out, I tried to add carbs back in but had horrible reactions (liver and pancreas were not in glucose mode). So that’s what led me to the nutritionist who has helped me so much. The goal was to add about 10 carbs a day per week to get to 50-60 carbs a day in a month. It was a challenge for me because many of the carbs allowed on the Fast Tract are the quick absorbing carbs. So having fats and proteins with the carbs helped. The 50-60 mark was the hardest “switch over”, but after that I have done well. I am usually around 80 carbs a day. If I get to over 100 or so, I start to feel bad and many of my symptoms come back. I think Norm says he is often around 60 or so. My nutritionist (RN, MS) says she is at about 60 or so too (due to life-long symptoms she addressed with diet) but everyone is different – we see that right here on this forum. The FT is not necessarily low carb, but it seems many of us are finding help with lower carb than the average American high-sugar/carb diet. of 150-300 carbs a day. So, it is a sometimes an arduous process but the goal is to get to what is right for you.

Since I figured out my issue is starchy carbs, I get my carbs from fruits, veggies, dairy and chocolate. I did not choose to quit eating grains and beans, my body tells me so and I choose to listen to it. For someone else the issue could be dairy or fruit. I can only say that once you figure it out (and my wish for everyone here it that you will), and you accept it and focus on what does work, life can be very good (and without meds, etc.). Thank you Norm! And support and best wished to everyone.