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Hi Matt
I am intruged by your post and still trying to understand it. Are you saying that those with super silent reflux are not producing enough pepsin? Or too much? I treat with a Chinese Medicine doctor that would ask one level deeper, that being, why is the body producing too much pepsin to begin with? I don’t have classic heartburn symptoms, but have burping (is this a silent reflux symptom?) and sternum pressure. I also have ocular rosacea, and had gas and bloating. The gas and bloating are near gone, unless I eat something I am not ready for, the rosacea and my skin in general are improving, and my sternum pressure is mostly gone. So I am looking at a lot of different symptoms that are decreasing over the past two + months (not all of them silent reflux, but also non of them classic reflux). I agree it would be interesting to somehow track the silent group.