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Hi Earthgirl!

Did you read the Fast Track Digestion book?

You will not get relief overnight. It takes a few days to seem some changes, and weeks to see others. Your body’s cleansing waves have to sweep the overgrown bacteria out of your small intestine. This takes time.

Soluable fiber will move your stools, but will feed SIBO bacteria. Likely your digestive system is lacking a balance of bacteria that are needed to hold water in the stools which helps them move. Fiber is just a replacement for that. But FIBER in a gut with overgrowth, will NOT have the desired effect, as it just feeds the overgrowth. I recommend you read the 3 blog posts on this website about FIBER if you have not already. And visit the website for an understanding of why fiber may not be the solution for constipation.

Taking fiber supplements is a viscous cycle. Until you stop, you will be caught in it. Magnesium can offer temporary relief while you transition to a lower fiber diet! It is REALLY helpful for me to take magnesium. When you remove certain fiber from your diet you may be prone to constipation so it is very important to increase fats, water and even take olive oil daily (up to 2 tablespoons, but less may be sufficient). Cellulose from green veggies does not tend to feed SIBO, so moderate amounts of green veggies will be very helpful. Fats are key to healthy digestion and assimilation of vitamins, and for helping move stool!

Fast Track Digestion:IBS does not limit carbohydrates. It limits FERMENTABLE carbs and lactose, fructose and sugar alcohols. It is not necessarily “low-carb” at all. But when people have significant bacterial overgrowth (such as myself) then yes, it might be necessary to temporarily cut out fruit, nuts, and even jasmine rice and potato so this would make it “low carb”. When the bacteria is reduced, you can include safe carbs, such as jasmine rice and small servings of fruits.

I understand about passing on the chips. But we are not talking about having to deal with annoying gas and heartburn. Those common and annoying “symptoms” are not normal, and they are an indicator that you are malabsorbing your food, and that your body is not assimilating vitamins and minerals. TRUST ME that SIBO can take you down a path towards chronic illness. When you start to feel a lot better and see that your digestion is working better, you will likely be more motivated to make food choices that are better for your individual digestion. We don’t have the guts of 10 year olds anymore! Sorry!!

As for having symptoms when you went low FP, I found it took 3-4 days until my bloating was gone, and now several months on the diet my other symptoms are slowing improving, all pointing in the right direction. As I said, I DONT plan to be low carb forever, and if you read the book you will see that it is not a low carb plan. IF you want more help with diet I suggest you post your questions in the Fast Track Diet Q and A section of the forum.

Happy healing!