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I am very dairy intolerant. Cannot do soy.
I am ok with goat and sheep in small amounts.

I went low fp all day and still had gas and now some heartburn.
Still had to take anti gas meds.
Does it take a few days to work?

It does seem like this is basically a low carb diet and in my experience, cannot be maintained for long. After the weight loss thrills are over and you have to keep passing on the chips and cake at family events, social, most people cannot do a low carb for long. Been there done that.

I had managed my IBS ( diarrhea and constipation) by adding more soluble fiber.
But the gas Still persisted. My ND mentioned fodmaps for SIBO, but that is to hard to follow. Then I found Fast Track online. It is still restrictive but easier because onions are allowed.

I hope this takes care of the gas otherwise it’s back to just adding more soluble fiber and taking simethicone with every meal.: (