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Totally agree with Bearsmom! Once you feel & look better, you will focus on what works for you rather than focus on what does not. I honestly am fine with no grains or beans- there are plenty of satisfying meats, fish, veggies, eggs, dairy, nuts and fruits that I can eat. Everyone who knows me says I look the best I ever have, I feel great with lots of energy, my bloodwork is stellar, my skin is clear, my weight is right where I should be, and to be LPR-free is priceless. I eat out a lot now, and find that restaurants are very accommodating if need be. I ate at an Indian food buffet today, and had Chipotle yesterday (salad bowl with pork carnitas, roasted veggies, salsa, cheese, sour cream and guacamole). I find a lot of good recipes for home on Paleo sites, and adjust for any of the Fast Track guidelines or foods I have found trigger my LPR symptoms. After reading a lot of new research about the health benefits of low carb and harmful effects of sugar, grains, and starchy carbs, I am very happy about my new eating lifestyle rather than bemoan the “loss” of bagels, pasta, cookies, etc. and the sugar slumps, acne, etc. those caused.