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Hi Earthgirl! The older we get, the less we are able to tolerate the amounts of carbs we had as a kid. So many people have SIBO and digestive issues, diabetes, heart disease, dare I say, cancer brewing, and other health issues. Excessive carb consumption is just not something those with SIBO (or anyone trying to watch their health) should be doing as they age. I live in the Bay Area, so maybe it is not as much of an issue as far as restaurants go. I just order a protein and two veggies when I go out. The other night I had a warm goat cheese salad and fresh greens, and roasted duck with brocolli and other grilled veggies with a sauce. Cream sauce, pesto, some indian curries, fresh mexican (grilled meats, salsa, cheese, veggies, sour cream, guacamole)-all are possible. I often go to a steak house and order steak and veggies and ask them to bring me some garlic butter on the side. I eat very well when I go out. And my weight is perfect! In fact, since I started Fast TracK Diet, I have someone asked me what i was doing and why I was looking so slim. Well, it is because I lost the bloat I have had for two darn years! My skin and waistline are better and better! At home I make all kinds of good sauces and enjoy butter, raw cheese and other healthy fats with all my meals. I am not eating rice right now, but plan to add that in later. Also, some have had luck with soaking navy beans or red lentils overnight and preparing them after soaking and eating small quantiites. Some can even eat fresh baquette and nan bread in moderation. I look at the carb foods as feeding the bad bacteria. The bloating lasted 2 years, but the malnourishment that I suffered from from with SIBO was for MANY years and took a big toll on my health. I choose to adapt my diet so that my digestion can be optimal. It feels so much better and was much easier than I thought it was going to be. Sometimes I get annoyed that I cant eat a bagel, but, honestly, then it just passes and I move on. I really do still enjoy my food!!