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Hi bearsmom, yes, I ordered and read the book before asking these questions. I didn’t see a specific discussion of soluble fiber vs fermentation–maybe I missed it. What i don’t understand is how high soluble fiber foods could be low-fermentation? It’s my understanding, from my GI doc at Hopkins, that high soluble fiber foods are what promote an increase in the bacteria we don’t want if we have SIBO. So I’m trying to understand why Dr. Robillard’s diet allows some of these high sol-fiber foods — how could the fermentation factor be low, in other words, for such foods?

Also, i’m wondering about sprouted rice because I’m seeing it as an ingredient in many products now, including the rice milk I’ve been buying. I’m not sure if this is better or worse for someone with SIBO, and I’d love to get some insight on that. I find very little info available about it.