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Thanks 49Barefoot and Jaeme!

(KKing, LPR stands for larygopharygeal reflux. Basically acid or acidic fumes irritating the vocal cords.)

My only LPR-type symptoms are burping and sternum pressure. Very occassionally it feels like I might burp a tiny bit of food taste/acid but not often. I guess I will wait until the burping improves a little more before adding back rice and fruit.

Jaeme, I have no idea why (but isn’t it fascinating how different we all are?) but when I completely removed rice and fruit (a ketogenic diet) I lost a few pounds of water weight, but then my weight completelely stablized. So far, knock wood, I am sleeping great, my energy is good, and I have been on a keto diet for over 6 weeks? I don’t want to be keto forever, but actually don’t really miss the rice, as I was never really a fan and not enjoying making it every day. I do like it ok but don’t mind waiting. I sure do miss berries and more nuts tho! I am having about 10 macadamia nuts per day. Boy, at this early phase for me it does feel limiting.

I dont have any noticeable sinus issues, maybe a little mucous in the morning but rarely any drip. I am not sure when to add back foods because of the burping. I guess I sound like a broken record, LOL.

Jaeme, also my ocular rosacea continues. I am lucky it is minor, but I sure would like it to GO!!!! Since adding some herbs from my holistic doctor the sternum pressure seems a bit less, which is good!