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My nutrionist put me on B.P.P. by Thorne Research Instititute is has HCI, pepsin and pancreatin in it. Designed to promote the digestion of proteins, carbs and fats. So, I have not been taking for a while, it seemed that when I took it, it made my gut bubbly. You are supposed to take 1 – 2 per meal but initially I was taking 1 per meal.

I had also purchased the HCL separately before I met the nutrionist. I am wondering if the BPP is overkill because when I mentioned I was taking this to my gastro, she thought I did not need all the other aids because the pancreas and liver in my young body were probably doing ok and thought it was a waste of money. Anyhow, still might take the HCL separately, if anyone has advice I would welcome that. I mean how do I know my stomach acid it not working already, I don’t have GERD.