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Interesting Pam,
Have read of a lot of vague or even specific auto immune symptoms clearing up when SIBO is reduced. I hope Dr. Robillard will address this in his next book on auto-immunity. So glad yours cleared up. Some people still have auto-immune markers after SIBO is better, but no auto-immune symptoms? Isn’t the body curious???

I really, really need a functional med doc on my team. They are pricey though and I pay out of pocket for everything for the last two years. It has been tough!!

The yogurt is Trader Joes Full Fat GREEK PLAIN. It is really tasty. Also Greek Gods full fat greek is tasty and higher in fat, lower in protein than FAGE. It does have a little more listed milk sugar than TJs brand so I will stick with TJs. I really do feel a little better digestion wise when I am more careful with my protein and up my fats! I love raw mild cheddar too. Or any raw, mild, hard cheese.