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HI Pam!
My goodness I could have written that WHOLE post myself, LOL. I get what you mean about being out of the workforce and wondering what/how to go back, given that are health is improving but still a little tenuous. I agonize over this myself. And having more freedom to be out and about with IC, is GREAT. So glad you have had these improvements. I also found for me there is an OCD/mild depression/motivation/willpower issue with my gut imbalance. My Chinese Medicine doctor ALWAYS asks me about my mental health in our phone consultations. She finds that when the gut is healed the brain is more functional. Not suprising, right? 🙂

My thyroid tested negative for issues 2 years ago and at that time the Natruropath did not see the need for further testing. But since then I have read that people have “hidden” thyroid issues and I need to explore this type of testing with a doctor with Functional Medicine Training in January. Thanks for mentioning this as I really need to pursue it. I don’t have any obvious Hashimotos or auto-immune (other than IC, but not really sure that is auto-immune always??) If I do have thyroid it seems some have had luck with Low Dose Naltrexone, but of course my doctor objects. I need to keep going with diet and see how far I can get! I am thrilled since she added some chinese herbal antibiotics and I changed my yogurt and now I have really ZERO gas and my ocular rosacea seems to be responding a little better. Still have burping tho and feeling very frustrated about this. Talk soon and

Happy New Year!!