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Hi Bearsmom,
Oh, good find on the vodka will keep that in my might try it catalog!

For my bladder, first I must say that I am sooo happy that I found the SIBO/IC connection. Instead of the old fashion way of handling the IC ie pain meds, hot and cold packs, I concentrate on moving my bowels. Once I have dealt with that, my frequency is not a problem. YIPEE. So, yes I am doing much better as long as I keep things moving.
However, things are still not perfect and must admit that adjusting to the diet may be a little tricky at times. Also, still have not motivated myself enough for going back to full time work. I think 10 years of dealing with this IC problem has created a bit of depression and confusion… these are psychological problems I need to deal with to gain my stamina and optimism back. I am still a bit apprehensive about things. Like just knowing that I can sit in rush hour traffic without fear of eliminating. I can sit thru a meeting, I can go to that conference, etc…
I was able to ski for example multiple runs without having to stop for the head. NICE!
Thankfully, I have a sympathetic family. Also, I am in general just happier and have more motivation and willpower to do stuff.

ps…you mentioned you had issues with motility, I do too, but one thing that should be checked is your thyroid hormones…have you done that?