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HI PAM! I just picked up some dextrose too. Will sprinkle on my kids berries and try in a few desserts. My fantasy is to buy an icecream maker and make a macadamia nut icecream with pure cream and eggs, maybe splash of other safe liquid, and dextrose or splenda. Will keep you posted.

Hmmmm as for my bladder, generally my worst symptoms off and on over the last 2 years, have been increased freuqency and background “urge” feeling, even when bladder is empty but this is mild and limited to the afternoon. HOWEVER, when I first started a KETO version of this diet, I think I had some bacterial die off, as I my bladder symptoms increased significantly. My doctor gave me some herbs to help my body manage this transition and my bladder has calmed down. Knock wood, it has been a bit rocky. Also, when I went keto, my althletes foot cleared up almost overnight, which is interesting. I also switched greek yogurnt brands and found a lower protien, higher fat brand which agrees with me more. I have ZERO gas now! Just burping and a bit of tummy gurgle in the afternoon. HOping to switch to a more absorbable form of magnesium as I am sick of the mag oxide.

I am deathly afraid to cheat with sweeteners because my doc has such a strong candida bent and she has me terrified of any sweetener. I am going to try a bit of splenda or dextrose and maybe one day a dab of maple syrup. I had one sugar-free vodka cocktail on Christmas and it was nice to feel a bit like a grown up. I felt fine the next day. I have really, really struggled to be alcohol free for 2 darn years when in fact the most progress I have made has been with this diet, so I plan to include a small cocktail here and there. I have been looking into two companies that make infusion-style (sweetener-free) essence vodkas. One is called Van Gough Vodka, and the other is a small company in NY, I forgot the name. There are also some low-carb cocktail recipes on Dr. Eades website. Just for me occasionally.Such a struggle to be on a an extreme diet for so long. I know you get this!

Pam, how is your bladder lately?? Please update me!

Happy New Year to all!