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Hi Bearsmom,
Yes, I have used enzymes and no we don’t want to keep using them but initially they may really help you. You could just try an HCL supplement see how that works for you.
Also, I was wondering how you are doing with the IC element of your healing? Do you have pain and frequency or have you noticed any difference?
I have been doing fairly well but not a good as I should be. I am mindful of the diets in general but the holidays I may have overindulged. I need to get back on track with healing all the way. I have been drinking the 2 TBSP of olive oil each nite and I may bump that up even further. I have okay bowels but still have constipation. I may go back on the berberine. I also got some sample VSL probiotics and tried those and I seem to be okay; however if you have fructose intolerances, you will likely be unable to handle probiotics until you are better healed.
I think my worst food to absorb are the sugars and they are in so many things. So really learning about how they are in most foods and watching for what sugars have the best absorption. Went to a micro brewery here and picked up a 3 pound bag of dextrose (glucose sugar) and made the cheesecake recipe in Norms book…it was really good and I did not have any problems. It is the other sugars that cause a problem, just fructose intolerance alone can cause so many bad reactions. I have read there is an enzyme you can take for fructose malabsorption but trying to get it is another story.