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Hi Bearsmom & All – My present this year is greatly-improved health. I can’t believe how bad I was a year ago when conventional medicine prescribed PPIs/H2blockers and Dropping Acid diet, and how I feel now after 10 months on the FTD. So sorry to hear you are discouraged. How long have you been on the FTD Bearsmom? I had lots of ups & downs for first 3 months or so. The LPR diminished first, but the digestive tract kept re-adjusting for a while. The rosacea/occular rosacea began improving at about 3-4 months.

The holidays have proven to me that Norm & FTD are right for me, as holiday pary foods caused rosacea & LPR flareups. Now that I know about acid fumes, my first symptom is a slight burning in my nasal passages followed by stuffy sinuses & post-nasal drip. Then the beginning of LPR. So immediately back on FTD plan, and things subside again. Hang in there Bearsmom!