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Hi Pam and Jaeme
Hope your holidays are going well. I am doing ok but feeling a bit down. My overal gas and bloating are greatly improved. I am still experienceing burping, gurgling after meals (no gas tho) and all of my ocular rosacea symptoms are still present, so my Sibo must still be active which is discouraging. I am going to cut out yogurt (my beloved greek yogurt) to see if it helps. I am not eating nuts, rice or fruit. Feeling pretty darn limited. I may stick with a small amount of raw cheese and see if I tollerate. The only other dairy is cream in my coffee, which I would shoot myself if I had to cut out. I just worry I have serious motility issues and I think Dr. Robillard is not a fan of motility agents, nor is my holistic doctor so I am REALLY AT A LOSS. I don’t know how I am going to beat this. After reading in the SIBO Facebook groups about the serious idiopathic motility issues, I just dont know how I will improve. Granted, many of those folks did not try diet long term. Maybe if I keep at this it will improve. And my holistic doctor is giving me a mild herbal antibiotic to give things a boost. She does not like to kill everything tho, and wants me to have balance. thanks for reading!!!