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Norm Robillard
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Hi CantEat, The list of foods continues to grow. Thanks for posting. I take these suggestions and add them to my list. I update the tables when new e-book or printings come out and for a mobile app we are working on. Let me take a stab at these:
Rice milk (Rice Dream, regular): 1 cup, FP = 3 grams
Arrowhead Mills puffed rice cereal: 1 cup, FP = 2 grams.
almond butter (any brand with No salt, no oil, and No sugar) – almonds are mentioned and almond flour, but not almond butter. Assume the FP is the same as peanut butter. FP = 5 grams per 2 tablespoons.
Cornstarch – I can’t seem to tolerate corn pasta or polenta, but cornstarch in small amounts is different, isn’t it? one tablespoon has an FP = 1 gram.
Ginger–though i see this in your recipes, i wondered about this option: the only “dessert” i allow myself is a handful of Gin-Gins–these are small chewy candies the size of a jolly rancher, made of ginger, cornstarch, and sugar, 20 Calories each. For these candies, count the carbs you consume and divide by two. That’s a conservative approximation of the FP.