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Hi there,

I have SIBO (inactive), diagnosed using a breath test. I’ve had to eliminate gluten, dairy, eggs (i get hives and diarrhea/nausea), soy/legumes, and grapes (in wine/beverages or fresh–they make me nauseous, don’t know why).

I was told to avoid foods that are high in soluble fiber because they would feed the bacteria, leading to more overgrowth. Thus, my diet is very restricted. I’ve been trying a modified FODMAPS, and I’ve bought your book because I’m interested in the fermentation theory.

What I don’t see in the charts that are staple foods for me:

Rice milk (Rice Dream, regular)
Arrowhead Mills puffed rice cereal
almond butter (any brand with No salt, no oil, and No sugar) – almonds are mentioned and almond flour, but not almond butter.
Cornstarch – I can’t seem to tolerate corn pasta or polenta, but cornstarch in small amounts is different, isn’t it?
Ginger–though i see this in your recipes, i wondered about this option: the only “dessert” i allow myself is a handful of Gin-Gins–these are small chewy candies the size of a jolly rancher, made of ginger, cornstarch, and sugar, 20 Calories each.

Also, i wondered what to do when there’s no way of knowing which kind of rice a food item is made from — as with many kinds of rice crackers (say, Lundgren’s rice cakes or Edward & Sons brown rice snaps)?

Thank you! I have a separate question about soluble fiber and SIBO, which I’ll post in the forum about your suggested diet.