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Jaeme, it is so good to read of your success! I have been following the Dropping Acid diet for about two months, I’m better, but not completely symptom free. Main symptoms now are when I swallow it feels kind of like a swollen feeling. If I don’t have that symptom, then I have mucus in throat. I ordered Norm’s book and am eager to read it and try the diet. I am hoping it will work for symptoms as mine. Not sure how long to give either diet, and wonder if where my symptoms are now is as good as I can get. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with LPR. The ENT’s just tell me to try PPI’s to see if they help. I don’t want to do that! Reading that you eat spices, tomatoes and chocolate sounds wonderful to me! Do you ever have any bread at all? If so, what kind? Anyway, it is great reading this forum and hearing the positiveness. Thank you to everyone for posting. It is helpful!