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Norm Robillard
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Good conversation but tough topic. There may be a rational reason some people find that higher fermentable foods like oatmeal help with constipation. When fermentation occurs, the gas may help move the stools. But this is a double edges sword. More gas means other symptoms – bloating, reflux, cramps, etc. Also, many people have methane forming archea organisms present which convert hydrogen gas to methane, potentially making the problem worse. The other challenging aspect of constipation is that there are many other possible causes including, bowel dehydration, muscular and neurological issues as well as scarring or bowel obstructions.
Assuming the absence of more serious issues, I think ensuring adequate hydration is the first thing to confirm. If your body does not have enough fluid it will take it from you stools. The second thing is doing what you can to limit the amount of hydrogen gas (eat low FP) which can potentially be converted to methane. After that, green veggies containing cellulose ensures any gas produced is in the large intestine – where is might be more helpful moving stools yet less likely to give rise to excess methane. The third thing is consuming lots of fats including olive oil.