Norm Robillard
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Hi Pam, Concerning your questions:
1. I am unable to figure out how to ask Norm a direct question, could you help me out with how you are doing that?
Ans: I do read the comments on the forum and the comments on the blog articles. But I am not able to answer all questions. When I do respond, I first address general questions about the Fast Tract Diet, SIBO, dysbiosis and related questions. I am not able to answer questions concerning individual conditions or symptoms. I can only do that within our consultation program.
2. I was wondering if we could get Norm to Bullet Point Interstitial Cystitis on his forum topics so it is easier to find the topic?
Ans: I did start a specific IC forum. You can create more individual topics within this forum. I hope this helps.
3. Also, I am going back and forth with the constipation issues too, even with drinking lots of water. According to Norms book, Lignins is a safe fiber that indicates no fermentation. I would sure like to try a supplement form of this and not sure what would be okay.
Ans: I have not heard of lignin being used for constipation and can’t think of a reason it would be helpful.