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Also, Pam, my holistic doc has approve raw dairy for me now. I wont do raw milk, but will try raw cream and raw cheese. She says that many people that don’t tollerate dairy do really well with raw. I am excited to try it. I get it delivered to my door because I live in California and we have a distributor Good Eggs, that brings Organic Pastures raw dairy. I think you can get it at the farmer’s market too. May be a key piece of healing for some, and help contribute to gut flora diversity. Also she says it is more tollerated by people with IC then cultured vegetables. She thinks home made cultured veggies are really not good for IC as the microbes are just too strong and go through leaky gut into lymph, causing pain, at least in initial treatment. She says when starting raw dairy to try raw butter first, then maybe cream and cheese is last because of higher microbe count.