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This is the list of supplements I take:
1. Quercetin with Bromelain by Now – good for IC and the gut
2. N-A-G by Jarrow – helps with intestinal function and supports joints
3. L-Glutamine – helps restore intestinal lining
4. Bone-up by Jarrow – Contains a multiple mineral supplement including D3 – people with SIBO and interstitial cystitis are considered low in proper mineral digestion
5. B-Complex #6 by Thorne Research – people with IC and SIBO difficulties with proper absorption of B vitamins. BTW, vitamin B considered a no no on IC diet due to potential flares so I am no doubt have vitamin B depletion because of the stupid IC diet recommedations. I have no problem with this supplement.
6. B.P.P. – By Thorne Research – Digestive enzymes supplement that I used a lot initially and now only once and a while.
7. Berberine – by Thorne Research – good for constipation people helps increase gut motility. I used this initially as a SIBO antibiotic. May start using again.
8. Allicin – by Allimed – also good for constipation and as a herbal antibiotic. Very expensive as allicin is an extract from garlic. Allicin cannot be obtained from commercially sold garlic because it has been damaged from food iradiation process required by US food and drug administration, only local farmers market sell quality garlic. PS this supplement is REALLY expensive and overpriced in my opinion but it does the job.

Summary — a lot of different supplements for a reason. Once you think you can tolerate, mix up in a veggies/fruit drink and enjoy throughout the day.
6. PS seem to be tolerating my simple probiotic but may swith to natren. Natren also can be used as an enima for constipation people I may try that to populate the lower intestine with good bacteria.