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Hi Pam

I am not asking Norm any direct questions (although one time did send a question to the Institute)

Hopefully Norm will see your request to ID IC differently. Do you want it listed not underneath auto-immune anymore, but more visible in the Forum Topic area? Just trying to understand.

We are having constipation I think because we have such a loss of good bacteria and that just takes a long time to rebuild. We are asking fiber (through supps) or magnesium (drawing water into the colon) do do the work of moving the stools that the good robust bacteria used to do when we were kids. This is a tall order. So until if and when we have better flora balance this is going to be an issue. Here is a quote from the constipation section of gutsense.org. A very interesting website. Unfortunately his supplement called Hydro-C for constipation, even tho he claims it is gentle would probably not be safe for people with IC because of history of severe leaky gut and inflammation and immuno-compromised body.

AS for the lignans I did not see it in the book so I will go back and look. If it is so fantastic and not causing GI issues, I wonder why Norm did not mention it in the constipation section of the forum, or in his blog post on constipation? Did I miss this? My doctor does not use flax (are you thinking flax oil, or flax seed??) until people are very healed because she sees a big increase in bladder pain using flax. I have seen her use it after a while so maybe you would tollerate it? It seems flax oil would not have the FP that flax seed would have???

“Why do antibiotics cause constipation?
Antibiotics are broad-spectrum antibacterial medicines expressly used to kill pathogenic bacteria throughout the body. With few exceptions, antibiotics can’t differentiate good bacteria from bad, so all get killed, including the bacteria in the large intestine that give stools their amorphous properties — slightly formed, light, uniform in color, soft, and moist.

Once the bacteria population is reduced, or it is missing altogether, stools become dry and hard (type 1 on BSF scale) because there is nothing left to form them and to retain moisture. I describe the role of intestinal flora on this page: Restoring Intestinal Flora.

The pathologies related to missing bacteria — constipation, low immunity, the deficiency of biotin and vitamin K, mucosal inflammation — are further exacerbated by medical doctors, particularly in the United States, who recommend using indigestible fiber in order to bulk up the stools instead of restoring the population of innate bacteria killed by antibiotics.”