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A couple of things.
1. I am unable to figure out how to ask Norm a direct question, could you help me out with how you are doing that?
2. I was wondering if we could get Norm to Bullet Point Interstitial Cystitis on his forum topics so it is easier to find the topic?
3. Also, I am going back and forth with the constipation issues too, even with drinking lots of water. According to Norms book, Lignins is a safe fiber that indicates no fermentation. I would sure like to try a supplement form of this and not sure what would be okay. I also have read in the food sources that Flax is a good source of Lignins but am confused as to whether I should be taking flax due to all the other diets I have read about. There is a supplement for lignin and it uses wild cherries as the primary source. Would love to try something different than the magnesium supplements. Any takes on this?