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Really happy to come across this thread today because I cannot digest the bone broth either. Looking around the internet it seems to be treated as some kind of personal failing or ‘you aren’t doing it right’ if you can’t digest this stuff but I have tried and tried – schlepped out to the grass-fed butcher, etc. – made multiple batches – nope, can’t do it. Either beef or chicken. They TASTE great but it’s just instant heartburn for me. Not worth it. Adding even crazy amounts of enzymes has absolutely no impact on digestion of this stuff. Weird.

It’s so frustrating as this seems to be the number one ‘healing’ food that is pushed around. That and fermented stuff – which also gives me heartburn. I just can’t win with these ‘cures’.

Like some of you others in this thread, digestive enzymes either don’t work at all or make me feel worse. Adding HCl absolutely is a nightmare. The only thing that has maybe worked is digestive bitters. They certainly don’t make it worse. I’m trying DGL which tastes good but not sure does anything. I’m really at a loss.

My GI has looked me over and tested me greatly. I think technically I do not have GERD but rather Gastritis and duodenitis (inflammation in each). Other than that everything else looks good. Due to excessive bloating and cramping and a long standing skin rash, he put me on Xifaxin for 14 days. Rash improved greatly, bloating/cramping got bad and then vanished. That said, a week off to it and it’s all coming back so he put me on it again.

I tried Fast Tract but I think I am too far gone for it to work at this point. I can’t eat most foods included in the recipes. It’s tricky for me to eat much of anything other than meat, salt and lower starch veggies but I like the science behind the diet and am using it as I try to sort out my elimination diet. I’m very very hungry. At this point, I still have problems every time I eat – stomach burning and pain – After 2 months of eating protein and veg, I still have symptoms perpetually. There’s been no point for me to add food back and try stuff elimination wise because who knows if that’s causing the problem or if I’m just having a gastritis flare? It’s very frustrating. My doctor urges me to be patient but also really wants me to go on an H2 blocker to calm the inflammation but I worry because I don’t want to create more problems for myself. I was on acid blockers for years for GERD and it took me almost a year to get off. (I’ve been off for 3 months and still have symptoms despite my limited diet.)

I tried the Koufman Dropping Acid diet – wow, what a mistake. The first recipe used ginger which I never liked and I think that was my body telling me something – it made me sick as a dog. Actually GAVE me heartburn and then nausea and then diarrhea – missed a day of work for that thing. I suspect that diet only helps the LPR type of reflux but for my gastritis/regular reflux that recipe – at least – was a total disaster.

Feeling lost but FWIW nice to see other folks that can’t digest these things. I’ve been feeling very alone.

To be clear, having eliminated all foods other than animal protein and veg, I no longer have allergies, asthma and am 90% cured of the GERD that was practically unmanageable with medication for years. I’m really grateful about the allergies/asthma (I’m off those medications!) but bewildered that the other stuff is not clearing fully up as I’m vigilant. Perhaps I am just not being patient enough here. IBS is much better as well other than the mystery bloating that comes out of nowhere (although greatly depleted when I cut out the bone broth and higher fat meats). But the gastritis has dug in its heels. So frustrating it just won’t calm down.