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Thanks 49Barefoot this is interesting. However, after reading Norm’s Fiber series on his blog, it makes me look at this part of the article differently:

“The “stomach” and “small intestine” broke down and absorbed some of the cocoa. But while many of the flavonols previously identified in chocolate were digested in this way, there was still plenty of undigested cocoa matter. Gut bacteria in the simulated colon then broke that down further into metabolites, small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream and known to reduce cardiac inflammation. Finally, the last undigested cocoa matter, now mostly fiber, began to ferment, releasing substances that improve cholesterol levels. And there was another health-giving twist to this entire process: The gut microbes that digested the cocoa were desirable probiotics like lactobacillus. Their numbers appeared to increase after the introduction of the cocoa, while less-salutary microbes like staphylococcus declined in number.”

The challenge with SIBO is that the fiber is not getting to the colon for further breakdown and fermentation, as it is being digested and fermented by the bacteria that are supposed to be in the large intestine but have migrated to the Small Intestine. So it presents the same issues as ANY fiber that is problematic for SIBO sufferers. I am thinking this is why milk chocolate is recommended (?) especially early on? Perhaps small amounts of dark chocolate can be added when total FP is considered for the day?