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Thanks Pam. My doctor has her own herbal concoction LOL so unless I stop treating with her I guess I will have to wait.

I use the mag my doc recommended TwinLab Magnesium oxide. But as I said, this is because it only draws water into the colon. I would like to pursue magnesium glyconate and have some in my cupboard but need to wait till bladder feels really good to add in a new supplement. It would be nice if my mag levels in my body were such that I did not need supplementation. The question with gut disorders is “is supplementation always the way, when the reasons why one has become nutrient deficient have not been fully addressed”? I don’t want to throw supplements at things when my body wont absorb them, over-reacts to them etc… But at some point the body hopefully can be coaxed.

Pam can you point me to l. glutamine research? I have heard of this. My doc does NOT use bone broth as she has seen it to perpetuate the pain cycle in IC patients so I doubt she would use L.glutamine either but would love to read about it! Tx!