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No, with SIBO breath test they measure the gas you exhale, hydrogen or methane or a combination of the two. SIBO-C people can have a combination or may be predominately methane. You are not supposed to be exhaling any of this. A little gas in the stomach and burping is different than what I am talking about above. The SIBO breath test involves fasting overnite and then the next morning they give you a small concentrated dose of sugar and then measure your breath every 20 minutes for about 3 hours. If you are expelling this gas and at a certain level they are pinning you down for SIBO because this is what comes out of the small intestine…Norm could explain this better or you could just Google the sibo breath test.
I took the berberine because it is a potent herbal antibiotic and thought to be as effective at pharmaceuticals. I got off of it because didn’t think I needed it anymore. All these antibiotics kill the good and the bad. But, with the small intestine, you really are not supposed to have any bacteria in the small intestine or at least only trace amounts. With SIBO you have an overgrowth of bacteria period. You take berberine for several months stepping up dose and then stepping down. It is good for constipation SIBO people.
For the berberine that I took from Thorne Research I would take one per day, then in 3 days one in the am, one in pm and then so on to where I was taking 4 per day. Initially, it made me very nauseated and then than resolved as I got use to it…die off is the reaction I was getting?