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THANKS Norm! And thanks Pam. I take magnesium oxide, ONLY because my doc is very wary of vitamin supplements for people with IC because we are so sensitive to them and oxide is not absorbed but gets the job done. I think it may be building up in my system and causing the gas, but if I don’t take it I slow down alot so this is really hard. I must be mag deficient so I am thinking of taking magnesium glycinate that is more absorbable to build up my store of mag and see if then I won’t need the oxide anymore. I really hope things re-balance and I can get off the mag wagon because I hate it!

Pam, I am still burping a very little bit but after anything: water or food. Is this what you mean about gas out the mouth? I don’t burp a lot and I dont have heartburn or reflux or stomach pain. Do you think the burping will subside? My doc says it is from the SF 722 (antifungal), but I don’t believe her LOL.

Pam what is your dosage of the berberine tx for SIBO-C and are you worried the product you are using might kill the good guys too? How do you deside dosage and duration of use? Is there more I can read on this? Thanks!