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Yes Pam, LOL I hear you. I think your immune system is stronger now. I wonder a bit about holistic doctors that say only perfectly fresh food, etc…I mean this is not a hard science and our bodies should be able to handle a little mold or this or that as the immune system gets stronger. As long as you are feeling better and better and tolerating foods and vitamins and all that is a very good sign you are healing!!

Interesting about the gas, as Norm did say that some gas is produced in the large intestine. But I thought that gas producing bacteria was not good? Also I have a little bit of burping left. I hope that goes. It is not bad tho.I will ask Norm about this.

Berberine is the active ingredient in Goldenseal. There are a lot of Goldenseal myths on the internet. My doctor has used it safely in the right context for 18 years very effectively to treat some cases of IC.