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Pam, pardon my dumb-ness on this, but I thought we were supposed to strive for no-gas, and if we still have gas, then the SIBO persists? Am I missing something here?Can we still heal our guts if we are harboring the gas-making bacteria?

Goldenseal and I don’t get along at all. IT just burns. Oil of oregano has lots of different properties. My doc does not go exclusively by the western purpose for the substance, but also by its energetic qualities from a Classical Chinese Medicine perspective AND she always pairs things. IC is a mix of deficiency AND excess which is why most TCM doctors dont know how to treat it. They treat the way TCM has always treated bladder conditions. But by the time IC is present, as you know there are LAYERS of issues that need to be untangled. My doc is an untangler. So she goes by a lot of different things. If she was putting you on goldenseal, it would always be in combinations with other things. I am only taking 5 drops per dose, and taking with with other things and being monitored. That is the way she works…

My doc does not allow walnuts till the end of treatment because of their HIGH vitamin/anti-oxidant content which ICers over-react to, LOL, so add that to the list of foods to watch!